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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheeda Blade - The Making

From the battle fields of the ancient times to the high-tech modern warfare of the present, what has remained unchanged is the mankinds lust for victory. Our passion in robotics and our valor at the battlefield makes us go to the very limits and thats what drags us to exciting robotics events. We love to showcase our skills in making the deadliest machines for extreme battles with powerful competitors.

This video is the first competition of Cheeda Blade at LUMS Psi-Fi'10 where Cheeda Blade not only won all through the final but also beat all the robots at once in an exciting Royal Rumble. Cheeda Blade has redefined the rules of the sophisticated robot making to cultural Desi style truck art theme. Enjoy an action full of adrenalized thrilling RoboWars. Let the heat on, let the battle fields shake and let the war begin!

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